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Acupuncture in Peoria

Dr. Dan Joseph - Acupuncture in Peoria

Acupuncture has been practiced for over 3.000 years in Asia

As the oldest medicine in existence (over 5,000 years old) acupuncture has been helping people with nearly every condition.

With acupuncture points all over our bodies, the technique provides endless benefits.

Amazing Healing Power

From sinus to shoulders, arthritis to migraines, asthma to plantar fasciitis, acupuncture is renowned for healing musculoskeletal injuries.

We’ve even seen it help women who are trying to get pregnant.

Cost: $75/treatment

Dr. Dan Joseph has been helping Peoria heal with the ancient technique of acupuncture since 2001.

To learn more about how acupuncture can enhance your healing, call Dr. Dan Joseph today. (309) 693-2225

Dr. Dan Joseph | Acupuncture in Peoria | (309) 693-2225