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Peoria Chiropractor Dr. Dan Joseph

One Tackle Changed His Life

Peoria Chiropractor Dr. Dan Joseph

Dr. Dan Joseph

While in high school, Dr. Dan Joseph sustained a neck injury during a football tackle. He developed headaches so intense that his personality changed, his grades fell and his pain was constant.

His parents became increasingly concerned and took him to see a family doctor, then a sports medicine doctor, neurologist and physical therapist; they even took him to see a Mayo Clinic’s headache specialist. Nothing seemed to work.

Finally, months later, Dan visited a chiropractor. Right away he felt relief. From that point on, Dan knew he wanted to help people who were going through what he had experienced.

“My hope is to help people heal right away as their first option, not their last.”

A Passion to Learn From the Best

After attending Saint Louis University, Dr. Dan chose Logan Chiropractic College because its top-notch instructors were also the chiropractors for the Rams, Cardinals and Blues. “I could see their passion for healing as they chose to give back to their community.”

He also knew being surrounded with passionate doctors would enhance his education and skill level.

Building a Stronger Community…

Dr. Dan is dedicated to helping those around him find relief. “The most challenging part of what I do is watching patients live with chronic pain. It’s hard to watch people consistently hurt… but when you see them begin to heal and feel better, it’s absolutely rewarding.”

Because of his concern for others, Dr. Dan is very active in the community and has many memberships and affiliations:

Former ambassador, Peoria Chamber of Commerce
VIP Easter Seals Charity Fundraising Campaign
Member, The Foundation for Wellness Professionals
Presenter, The Doctors Speakers Bureau
Board member, Tri-County Chiropractic Association
Member, Logan College of Chiropractic Alumni Association
Member, Illinois Chiropractic Association
Member, The Center For Living Education Program
Alumnus, Peoria’s 40 Leaders Under Forty

A Big, Blessed Family

Dr. Dan married his high school girlfriend, Kelly. They have five children (Spencer, Christian, Maria, Molly and Katie).

“My wife and children bring me more enjoyment than I could have ever imagined. Every evening after work when I pull my car into the garage, I look forward to those next 30 seconds walking into the house. I open the door and the sound of my kid’s little footsteps running to the door to greet me simply makes my day. Once I get past the initial hugs and kisses from my children I’m greeted by my smiling wife. These are my favorite 30 seconds of each day!”

As a family the Josephs spend a lot of time at soccer fields, T-ball games, Biddy Basketball, JFL and enjoying family vacations. Dr. Dan appreciates when he gets a little free time so he can play sports, fish, and hunt.

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy

“I do my best to stay healthy. Exercising at least three times a week, taking the appropriate supplements, and receiving monthly maintenance chiropractic adjustments are vital to keeping my health.”

Like you, Dr. Dan faces the challenges of eating a healthy diet, exercising on a regular basis and managing stress. He firmly believes that balancing life is what keeps him happy. If you’d like help getting your health on track, give Dr. Dan Joseph a call! (309) 693-2225

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