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Stem Cell Therapy

From shoulder pain, elbow conditions, and hand and wrist discomfort to hip conditions, knee pain, and foot and ankle pain – Stem Cell Therapy relives it all!

Identifying the Source of Your Pain

Working alongside the body’s natural healing abilities, Regenerative Cell Therapy addresses the root of your discomfort, rather than placing a Band-Aid on resulting symptoms. Unlike many other treatments, this methodology promotes bodily repair and restoration of degenerated tissue while simultaneously easing immediate pain and restoring mobility. The contribution of hyaluronan lubricates the joints and tendons, promoting healthier, renewed mobilization. This new-wave therapy offers three crucial properties for healing and encouraging healthy joints: a high concentration of regenerative cells, hyaluronic acid for joint lubrication and movement, and cellular growth factors essential for building new joint tissue.

Advantages of Cord Tissue Cell Therapy

Because cord tissue carries the most potent source of fresh regenerative cells, Cord Tissue Cell Therapy is the most promising, pain-free treatment out there. These cells have the advanced potential to help patients heal efficiently and effectively. Compared to other regenerative cell harvesting and collection processes, this strategy quick, non-invasive, and results in no harm to mom or baby.

Regenerative cord tissue cells have transmuting properties, which means they are adaptable to any cell in the body. Containing advanced growth factors and secreting inflammatory response regulating proteins called cytokines to manage the body’s response to injury, these cells naturally react to injury in the body by repairing and restoring damaged tissue. Regenerative cord tissue cells are key factors in the essential blood and immune system functions of the body, and with them, insurmountable results are obtained. This cutting-edge therapy is improving conditions such as osteoarthritis and other neurological and autoimmune disorders.

How does Cord Tissue Cell Therapy work?

Cord tissue is typically donated or set aside as medical waste after a child is born. It is this tissue that doctors use to isolate regenerative cells for use Cord Tissue Cell Therapy treatments. Donations are made only with parental permission and under carefully managed ethical limitations. The collection is safe for all involved, presenting no risk to the infant or mother. For the sake of the patient, cord blood donations are meticulously audited for health, high-quality cells. The application process varies from patient to patient, as each individual has separate needs.

Are results guaranteed?

Collected cord tissue cells have a low possibility of malignant transformation and adverse immune response and are unlikely to be rejected by your immune system, which makes Cord Cell Tissue Therapy a safe and reliable option for patients. Sterile laboratory processes eliminate the potential for contamination or infection. Like any medical treatment, patient responses are not the same across the board. Make sure to discuss options that best fulfill your personal needs.

Stem Cell Therapy could be the most suitable answer to your pain. Dr. Joseph is willing and able to help you begin your journey with this innovative therapy.

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