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Trigger Point Injections

If you are suffering from conditions such as fibromyalgia, low back pain, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and chronic pain – we have the solution for you. Studies have shown and Dr. Joseph trusts that trigger point therapy provides significant pain relief from these debilitating ailments.

These homeopathic injections involve the introduction of pain relievers and anti-inflammatories into muscular spasms, knots, and adhesions in the neck, back, or extremities. By way of a small, fine-gauge needle, an effective numbing medication (lidocaine) and an all-natural anti-inflammatory that promotes healing within the soft tissues (Traumeel), are injected into the muscle. The main goal of this procedure is to deliver instant and long-lasting results.

Our trigger point injections do not involve the injection of corticosteroids and are believed to be effective by many reputable doctors. Take action today and provide your discomfort natural, affordable relief. The time to rectify your pain is now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do homeopathic injections really work instantly?

The answer is yes! As soon as the injection takes place, the trigger point is made inactive and prior pain subsides. To ensure long-lasting results, however, brief courses of treatment are often necessary. Additionally, several trigger points may be injected in a single visit, causing even greater immediate relief.

How much will trigger point injections cost?

Because treatment is unique to each individual person, it is difficult to know the cost of the procedure until your needs are examined. The treatment will be tailored to meet your specific needs. Rest assured, our pricing is competitive, and we strive to offer affordable rates for all.

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